Thursday, November 19, 2015

Be Not Dismayed, Thou Little Flock (Ne crains point, petit troupeau)

The measure of love is to love without measure, -Augustine

 We dedicate this poem for our French brothers and sisters in Christ, who are in distress.
Nous dédions ce poème pour nos frères français et sœurs dans le Christ , qui sont dans la détresse.
Be not dismayed, thou little flock,
Although the foe's fierce battle-shock,
Loud on all sides, assail thee.
Though o'er thy fall they laugh secure,
Their triumph cannot long endure:
Let not thy courage fail thee.
Thy cause is God's: go at His call,
And to His hand commit thine all.
Fear thou no ill impending.
Salvation shall arise for thee,
Acquit thyself now manfully,
God is for thee contending.
Our hope is sure in Jesus' might;
Against themselves the godless fight,
Themselves, not us, distressing.
Shame and contempt their lot shall be;
God is with us, with Him are we;
To us belongs His blessing.
Amen, Lord Jesus, hear our cry;
Stir up Thy pow'r, come from on high,
Defend Thy congregation;
So shall Thy Church, through endless days,
Give thanks to Thee and chant Thy praise
In joy and adoration.
-Johann M. Altenburg, 1632


Psaumes 34:4-8

4 J`ai cherché l`Éternel, et il m`a répondu; Il m`a délivré de toutes mes frayeurs.
5 Quand on tourne vers lui les regards, on est rayonnant de joie, Et le visage ne se couvre pas de honte.
6 Quand un malheureux crie, l`Éternel entend, Et il le sauve de toutes ses détresses.
7 L`ange de l`Éternel campe autour de ceux qui le craignent, Et il les arrache au danger.
8 Sentez et voyez combien l`Éternel est bon! Heureux l`homme qui cherche en lui son refuge!




Anonymous said...

Amen.May God keep our brethren in France and all countries suffering by violence.
May there be God's will upon the earth,and peace among people who love God.


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae, thank you so much for your prayers. Let us continue to pray and intercede for our dear brothers and sisters in France and in all over the world. Let us pray that He will rise up godly young soldiers of Christ in Europe!