Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jesus-Loveliest of Names


*Excerpted from My all for Him by Basilea Schlink

The true bride of Jesus carries a secret in her heart: the name of her Bridegroom. "Your name is like perfume poured out" (Song of Songs 1:3). It has been my experience that when the name of Jesus resounds in my heart as the name of Him whom I love above all else, when I repeat it again and again, my love for Him is fanned into flame.

..The name of Jesus will sometimes sound like the resonant chiming of bells in the heart of the bride, at other times like the soft music of the lyre. There is so much love and tenderness contained in this name. To carry the name of Jesus in our hearts is a priceless gift, one that can never be taken from us.

How precious it has been for me to repeat the name of Jesus in my heart during times of spiritual dryness or when I was ill and prayer did not come easily. Nothing could stop His name ringing in my heart.

What power lies in pronouncing the name of Jesus! It is the most effective prayer! Yet we should not pronounce this name simply because it makes us happy and brings us peace and help. We should also do so for His sake, sensing how it delights His heart. Saying His name lovingly deepens our relationship of love with Him.

A word expressive of our love for Him (and do we not always express love by saying the name of the beloved?) will not go unanswered. ...The song of our love, expressed in saying His name, is irresistible to Him. He cannot fail to enter a heart that awaits Him, lovingly repeating His name.


..In uttering the name of Jesus and in worshipping Him for who He is, we nourish bridal love. Our love for Jesus is constantly under attack from Satan, who begrudges us this supreme happiness. Like a roaring lion, he prowls around, trying to find where we are vulnerable. He wants to break into the chamber of the bride's heart so as to disrupt her loving fellowship with Jesus. He has many methods of enticing us with people and the things of this world, so that we fail into bondage.

..We are called to battle against 'the wiles of the devil' (Eph 6:11). His enticements will lose their power as we focus on Jesus and proclaim Him in all His glory. Then all that is counterfeit will be seen for what it is in the light of His glory. Those who fail lose the fellowship of love with Jesus. But those who faithfully nourish bridal love, calling upon His name, will reach the heavenly goal-the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Jesus! Name all heaven is singing!
Name with which all heaven is ringing,
Throbbing with exultant joy!
You are 'throned in splendour glorious,
Crowned with crowns of beauty wondrous
More than man can comprehend.