Friday, November 13, 2015

LORD JESUS, I am blind, be thou my light: a Puritan prayer


I am blind, be thou my light,
    ignorant, be thou my wisdom,
    self-willed, be thou my mind.
Open my ear to grasp quickly thy Spirit’s voice,
  and delightfully run after his beckoning hand;
Melt my conscience that no hardness remain,
  make it alive to evil’s slightest touch;

When Satan approaches may I flee to thy wounds,
  and there cease to tremble at all alarms.
Be my good shepherd to lead me into
    the green pastures of thy Word,
and cause me to lie down beside the rivers
    of its comforts.
Fill me with peace, that no disquieting worldly gales
  may ruffle the calm surface of my soul.
Thy cross was upraised to be my refuge,
Thy blood streamed forth to wash me clean,
Thy death occurred to give me a surety,
Thy name is my property to save me,

By thee all heaven is poured into my heart,
  but it is too narrow to comprehend thy love.

I was a stranger, an outcast, a slave, a rebel,
  but thy cross has brought me near,
has softened my heart,
    has made me thy Father’s child,
has admitted me to thy family,
    has made me joint-heir with thyself.

O that I may love thee as thou lovest me,
  that I may walk worthy of thee, my Lord,
  that I may reflect the image of heaven’s first-born.
May I always see thy beauty
with the clear eye of faith,
  and feel the power of thy Spirit in my heart,
for unless he move mightily in me
  no inward fire will be kindled.
-The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions





Irina Glazkova said...

Dear Kinuko, welcome back. I hope your trip went well. I would love to hear the details. If this doesn't trouble you, can you please send me an e-mail?

Yesterday, during our Bible Study, we were reading 1 Corinthians chapter 11. Our study book didn't have any information on the issue of head covering. So our leader printed out the notes on the subject. He then explained that he doesn't believe that the head covering is cultural. He believes that it is applicable today. However, he stated that a woman only needs to cover her head during praying audibly, because angels cannot read our thoughts, and when she is speaking (church presentation, report reading...) However, according to the youth leader she doesn't need to cover her head all the time while at church.
Nevertheless, the woman can be lead by the spirit to cover her head full time as during the entire church service. One of my friends, who covers her head during church, doesn't cover during Bible Study, told us that she was still researching more on head covering. My other friend, who doesn't wear head covering at all, said that the subject has been on her mind for awhile.
Those are just few of the details. Let me tell you we were there till 11:30 pm discussing the subject. Usually we live by 10 pm the latest.
I cannot wait to learn more about your trip,
In Christ,

Kinuko H said...

Dearest Irina,
Thank you so much for your comment and sharing with me about the headcovering "update" news! There are some different views regarding when to wear the headcovering as you mentioned, but it is such an encouragement that overall, your church is supporting the headcovering practice.
I am going to send you an email as soon as possible, dear Irina!

Irina Glazkova said...

My church doesn't support head covering practice. Overall, the church considers that the head covering is the choice. But it's so refreshing to have one of the leaders, albeit the youth leader to support head covering practice!