Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Narrower The Way, The Nearer We Become: Proclaiming The Uncompromising Gospel In The Age Of "Tolerance"

Dear my sisters who are walking on the same path of faith,

This morning, I watched the following VTR (Pastor Pays Price to See Germany's Spiritual Revival) and was touched by the courageous faith of Bro.Olaf Latzel, a German pastor in Bremen.

He is speaking the Bible truth so clearly that he has been attacked in the media, investigated by the local government, and even denounced by fellow pastors. It was as if I was watching that ardent Reformation days back in the 16th century.

As I shared with you in my previous post (Old "Tolerance" And New "Tolerance"---in pursuit of the love of the truth (II Th 2:10) here), the new “tolerance” insists that there is no absolute truth and that we have to accept this religious relativism absolutely. And this new concept not only has been fully accepted in society but also setting itself up to the supreme value with its coercive force.

Countless believers were burned at the stake in Europe because of the Bible truth. They could not deny the fact that our salvation comes only through the atonement of Jesus Christ, our Crucified Lord. However, according to the new stream of "world ecumenicalism", it is this claim to the Cross of Jesus Christ that is the stumbling block on the path to a unified world religion. Though countless faithful believers had given up their own lives because of the Bible truth that says we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ, nowadays it seems to me that again we are giving up this precious Bible truth for the sake of organizational "unity and peace."

O Lord, we are living in the age that promotes external "tolerance" and "unity" but in reality, it is really hostile and intolerant to Biblical Christianity. This new stream is subtly but persistently demanding us to compromise the Bible truth. Oh our Great Shepherd, help us to remain at the foot of the cross and never deny Thy precious atonement. We know that in the coming age, it is Thy cross that will unite or divide us. Help us to put our faith first and refuse to deviate from the truth of the Gospel. In Jesus' name. Amen.

O Prince of Glory, who dost bring
Thy sons to glory through Thy Cross,
Let me not shrink
from suffering, reproach or loss.
The dust of words would smother me;
Be all to me anathema
That turns me from Gethsemane
and Golgotha.
If Thy dear Home be fuller Lord,
For that a little emptier,
My house on earth, what rich reward
That guerdon were.
And by the borders of my day
The river of Thy pleasure flows;
The flowers that blossom by the way
Who loves Thee knows.
-Amy Carmichael