Monday, December 7, 2015

Rediscovery of the depth and beauty of Psalmody (Part 2)


(Part 1 is here)

So, I am going to take you to the beautiful world of Psalmody today!

Psalms 117
1  O give ye praise unto the Lord,
all nations that be;
Likewise, ye people all, accord
his name to magnify.
2  For great to us-ward ever are
his loving-kindnesses:
His truth endures for evermore.
The Lord O do ye bless.
Scottish Metrical Psalms 1650
Meter: 8,6,8,6

Psalms 63:1-6
1    Lord, thee my God, I'll early seek:
my soul doth thirst for thee;
My flesh longs in a dry parch'd land,
wherein no waters be:
2    That I thy power may behold,
and brightness of thy face,
As I have seen thee heretofore
within thy holy place.
3    Since better is thy love than life,
my lips thee praise shall give.
4    I in thy name will lift my hands,
and bless thee while I live.
5    Ev'n as with marrow and with fat
my soul shall filled be;
Then shall my mouth with joyful lips
sing praises unto thee: 
6    When I do thee upon my bed
remember with delight,
And when on thee I meditate
in watches of the night.


Psalms 130:1-8
1    Lord, from the depths to thee I cry'd.
2     My voice, Lord, do thou hear:
Unto my supplication's voice
give an attentive ear.
3    Lord, who shall stand, if thou, O Lord,
should'st mark iniquity?
4    But yet with thee forgiveness is,
that fear'd thou mayest be.
5    I wait for God, my soul doth wait,
my hope is in his word.
6    More than they that for morning watch,
my soul waits for the Lord;
I say, more than they that do watch
the morning light to see.
7    Let Israel hope in the Lord,
for with him mercies be;
And plenteous redemption
is ever found with him.
8    And from all his iniquities
he Isr'el shall redeem.
Psalms 95:1-6
1  O come, let us sing to the Lord:
come, let us ev'ry one
A joyful noise make to the Rock
of our salvation.
2   Let us before his presence come
with praise and thankful voice;
Let us sing psalms to him with grace,
and make a joyful noise.
3   For God, a great God, and great King,
above all gods he is.
4   Depths of the earth are in his hand,
the strength of hills is his.
5   To him the spacious sea belongs,
for he the same did make;
The dry land also from his hands
its form at first did take.
6   O come, and let us worship him,
let us bow down withal,
And on our knees before the Lord
our Maker let us fall.


Psalms 73:25-28
25   Whom have I in the heavens high
but thee, O Lord, alone?
And in the earth whom I desire
besides thee there is none.
26   My flesh and heart doth faint and fail,
but God doth fail me never:
For of my heart God is the strength
and portion for ever.
27   For, lo, they that are far from thee
for ever perish shall;
Them that a whoring from thee go
thou hast destroyed all.
28   But surely it is good for me
that I draw near to God:
In God I trust, that all thy works
I may declare abroad.
Lastly I'd like to add one more hymn (based on Psalm 67) which is sung in Japanese,
my mother tongue. ("Kami" means God and "watashi-tachi" means "we")
Let the people praise Thee, O God; let all the people praise Thee. Psalm 67:3
Kami-wa watashi-tachi-wo megumi, watashi-tachi wo shuk-fuku shi,
その御顔をわたしたちに 輝かせてくださるように。
sono mikao wo watashi-tachi ni, kagaya-kasete kudasaru-yoo-ni.
この大地で あなたの道が すべての国で、その救いが、
kono daichi de, anata-no michi ga, subete-no kunide, sono sukui-ga,
sokoni ikiru hito-bito ni, shirareru-yoo-ni.
subete-no-hito ga, anata wo tatae, sanbi-no-uta wo, sasageru-yoo-ni.
subete-no-hito ga, anata wo tatae, kansha-no-uta wo, utau-yoo-ni.〕
hito-bito ga, yorokobi iwai, kanki-no-sakebi wo agemas-yoo-ni.
anata-ga, kono-chi wo mah-sugu-ni osame, michi bikareru-koto-o.
daichi wa mino-tte iru. Kami yo, syuku-fuku wo.
Kami yo, watashi-tachi no Kami yo, watashi-tachi ni syuku-fuku wo.
daichi-no-hate no, hate-no-hate made, Kami wo uya-mai, osoreru-yoo-ni.

To Worship is to quicken
the conscience by the holiness of God,
to feed the mind with the truth of God,
to purge the imagination by the beauty of God,
to open the heart to the love of God,
and to devote the will to the purpose of God."
-William Temple


Anonymous said...

There are so many beautiful praise songs which have lylics from Psalm.Especially psalm 23 is sung by many melodies,and I love them.Psalm 130 you introcuced in this article is also my favorite,so beautiful melody and encouraging bible words.

I'm impressed that believers kept singing psalm for many years.Even nowadays new psalmody in many language are born.

Kinuko,if you know other beautiful psalmody(not only in English,but in other language),please introduce when you have opportunity.Singing bible words always remind me how our God is good.


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae,

I found one beautiful Russian hymn VTR;
Слава Богу за всё - Свято-Елисаветинского монастыря
(but I am not pretty sure whether it is psalmody or not. Maybe Irina can help us.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing,Kinuko.But Sorry I cannot open the link.I do'nt know why but sometimes it happens.(especially link to youtube,google translated site).I think It's because of my pc security soft.
when you have opportunity,could you send its adress by email,please?


Kinuko H said...

Yes,Sanae, I will do it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kinuko for sending me the link! I listened to the splendid Russian hymn.So moving.. I hope that Irina listen to the hymn,too.

There are also beautiful praise music in Orthodox church,you know.Once I listened to Divna Ljubojevic singing orthodox hymns,am so impressed.Once you introduced Greek psalmody in your Japanese article,I remember.It was also impressiv.

Anyway,thank you for your kindness.God bless!