Monday, January 25, 2016

Fortify me in this combat eternal, purify, holy, my sin-laden soul!

Dark somber vestments… soft gentle singing…
Glowing reflection of red vigil lights…
O God Almighty! Grant me endurance:
Heaven and hell battle deep in my heart…
Whisper of prayers… Sternness of faces…
Sonorous censers and pale blue smoke…
O God Almighty! Grant me Thy mercy:
Lightly as incense I rise unto Thee!
Out of the church yet again I shall forfeit
Those solemn promises given to Thee –
Fortify me in this combat eternal,
Purify, Holy, my sin-laden soul!
Give me resolve to speak bravely and boldly
When I am caught in life’s prickly embrace.
Dark somber vestments… Evening twilight…
Yellow wax candles’ sorrowing flame…
- Prince Vladimir Paley, The Great Lent
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff


about Prince Vladimir Paley

Prince Vladimir Paley, member of the Russian Imperial family and cousin to the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II, spiritually inherited the divine gift of poetry from another royal poet – the Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov. On July 5/18, 1917, together with the latter’s sons – Ioann, Igor and Konstantin Konstantinovichi, and the Grand Duchess Elizabeth and nun Barbara, Prince Vladimir Paley was thrown by the godless into the mine at Alapayevsk, thus earning for himself the crown of a New Martyr. [reference: here]


Anonymous said...

'Heaven and hell battle deep in my heart'.Every believer may have experienced this agony.
That is our lent.We wait for Jesus to come.

I was impressed by seriousness of this poem.And so blessed to know that Russian believers left many prayers and spiritual poems.


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae, good afternoon! Do you know that I found this poem on the site which you introduced me the other day? So I do appreciate your research, Sanae. Arigato! There is also one lovely poem written by a Russian princess;


When the soul is in mortal anguish,
When sorrow constricts the heart,

Gaze up at the sky: how wondrous
Is the Milky Way’s starry light.

The mercies of God are as countless
As the stars in this milky path.

May thou come to a realization,
That the twinkling of myriad stars

Is the light of His omniscient eyes,
Through which He sees human distress.

Let thy spirit fall not, but take heart,
Look up at the sky and pray hard!

Princess N.V. Ourusoff
Translated by Natalia Sheniloff

Anonymous said...

Yes,I noticed!It contains many serious beautiful poems.
For the first time,I read spiritual poems by Russian orthodox believers by this site.

Reading the poem you quoted here,I remembered one story which I've read in my childhood.I do not know its original title,あらしの白ばとin Japanese.The novel is for young girls.

One Russian girl called Puraskovia(Sorry,I'm not sure it's exact spelling or not.) travel across Russia to prove innocence of her father who were sent to Siberian jail.She believes God so strongly.After finishing up her journey,she died in young age.But I remembered that her death with faith did not give any tragedic impression.Very impressiv beautiful ending.I wish I could have the book to share with you,but sorry,it was gone..

I'm so happy to find rich spirituality of Russian believers with you so much.Thank you!


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae, now I am looking for this book through amazon and I found out that the author of the book is グザビエ・ド・メストル who is French. Would you please tell me how to spell this name in French so that I can rearch it further? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kinuko,common spelling of the name is Xavier de Maistre.I could find original title of the book.La Jeune Siberienne.(The young siberian woman).And the name of the heroine is Praskovie.
Please read this site if you have interest.It's in French,Google translation may help you.


Kinuko H said...

Dearest Sanae, good morning! Thank you so much for your kindness. I will check it out right now!