Thursday, January 28, 2016

To my dear readers; what I've been through recently

Two wild birds eating orange in my father's garden: Japan

Dear my brothers and sisters, thank you for reading my humble blog. I have been blessed by interacting with you and hearing your testimonies from the other side of the globe!

I've been a believer for 16 years, but except the first year of my new-birth, the rest of the years were spent in entanglement of various Christian theologies and ideas. With all my heart, I wanted to be His faithful disciple, but unfortunately, my mind was the exact mirror of the present theological situation; that is chaos. This chaotic situation sometimes tempted me to skepticism, other times to confusion. I used to lament; if Christians could adhere to one simple creed (Apostles' Creed) and not the extra denominational creeds and various post-Constantine dogmas, we could have avoided bitter strife, divisions, schism in the Body of Christ.

Well, what I am going to share with you now might excite some of you and disappoint some of you. Yes, I'd like to talk about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which for all of my Christian walk, I had not thought about it nor felt the necessity of it.

Several years ago, our Bible school took all of us to Benny Hinn Crusade, which the whole atmosphere and stage performance froze me and stumbled me. At that time, I said to myself, "If this is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, then I don't want it."

However, recently, there occurred a lively and serious discussion about this theme and I heard some of the most powerful and convincing testimonies of the Holy Spirit Baptism there. I have known them well. They are not so called emotional people but fairly logical and intellectual people. Having heard these testimonies, I was crushed to the ground, like Paul "fell to the earth" when "suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven" (Acts 9:3,4).

It was a tremendous revelation to me that I have not received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then, from this discovery, I started to understand the possible cause of my "mess" and confusions regarding the Bible interpretations and other issues. For example, I always need to rely on other peoples' interpretations and extra-biblical materials to make me sure that my understanding of this or that verse is valid. And I have never understood what He means when He said; The Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual (1 Cor.2:13). So, now, my dear brothers and sisters, I'd like to ask you honestly. Have you received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? If you have, then could you please share with me your testimony? Thank you very much.