Thursday, February 18, 2016

A delicate, loving flower on the rough, rocky road: My poem



 O look at that little white flower on the rocky road!
Isn't she beautiful and lovely?
Isn't she so pure and gentle?
Unknown and hidden,
Quiet and reposeful,
Tenderly planted by her Father's Hands
O people, please.
Do not trample her down.
Do not rush in her inner sanctum with your shoes on.
Covered with blood and mud,
Alone she groans,
Groans in her silence.
O the old rugged Cross,
and the Lamb crucified!
Is she dead?
"No, my child.
This shall not end in death
but lead to the Resurrection."
written by Kinuko
picture from here


Anonymous said...

May resurrection of Jesus be in the souls of our dear sisters struggling in trials.And may our prayer relationship be always sincere like Jesus Christ loved the people.

I know that many serious believers are hurt by other christian's words.And many people left church because of unsupportive attitudes of us christians,dissapointed.

May there be love of Jesus Christ in churches,which never trample those who are weakened in trials down.May we do not judge each other to demonstrate our justice.May we be true to God always,pour our agony to Him,not depending on uncertain persons.


Kinuko H said...

Amen, Sanae. I believe that when I wrote this poem, your prayful spirit was with me. O Lord, do protect our delicate, tender flowers in all over the world. Be their strong Shield when others try to trample them down. We'd like to see Your Resurrection in our sisters' lives who are in heavy trials and sorrows. In Jesus' name. Amen.