Monday, February 15, 2016

Breaking free from the death wish: a prayer for my dear friend

for my dearest and most sweet sister,
My Lord Jesus,
Help me! I am in despair. Despondency, like
some dark force, is taking over my life and
squeezing out all hope.
I am being sucked into a pit of darkness.
The evil one is after me.
He keeps drip-feeding me with thoughts of
ending it all. He is wearing down my resistance.
So I cry to You, Lord Jesus.
You are stronger than the enemy of my soul.
You are the Prince of Life.
You have conquered death and the death wish.

The prince of death has lost his hold over me,
for I belong to You,
the One who destroyed the
power of death.
Lamb of God, Your precious blood covers me.
The evil one must yield; he has lost all legal right to me.
At Calvary You defeated Satan, death and hell and
paid my ransom price.
I renounce all the dark thoughts swirling around in my mind
and the demonic powers behind them.
I bind myself to You,
Lord Jesus.
I am committed to obeying Your will. And it is Your will
that I live and face life.
I choose life. For love of You I am ready to face suffering,
knowing You love me and gave Your life for me.

You would never crush me;
You have help in store for every situation,
no matter how hopeless.
To this I cling in faith, and
so break free from these dark powers.
They are determined to drive me to death: into the realm of the
prince of death, who wants me as his trophy.
But You have conquered him, Lord Jesus.
You have rescued me,
paying my ransom price.

You have called me to love in Your kingdom
of joy and glory for all eternity.

-B. Schlink

O Lord Jesus, I pray for my dearest friend who is asking God to take her life. Out of the depths we cry out to You. Hold her tightly and embrace her in Your arms right now. She is Your beloved daughter. Lord, I love her so much and I am so happy that we are on this earth together. Surround her with Your tender love and deliver her from every tormenting thought and self-condemnation. We rest in peace because we know that You are holding her and will continue to sustain her forever. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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