Monday, February 22, 2016

Christian Headcovering Women in the 21st century; utterly "ancient" AND utterly "new" "revolutionary" kind of people

Obeying the Word and becoming a headcovering Christian woman in the 21st century mean, to many, that we enter into the narrow gate. Our dear sisters' courageous testimonies prove this fact. We say adieu to our modern world and dive in the biblical world!

Quite interestingly, however, we are not just "ancient" people. On the contrary, we are quite "new" and "revolutionary" kind of people. That's because we are pioneers who are clearing the way where there was no way before. Are feminists revolutionary then? Mary A. Kassian says; "Biblical feminists have succumbed to the blue-jean mentality of thinking they are being courageous and radical, when in fact they are really only fitting into what is the accepted thought-form of the age around them" (Feminist Gospel.)

Furthermore, we are called to fight on the two fronts; While refusing the human-centered modernism and feminism firmly and uncompromisingly, we must also keep ourselves awake so as not to trapped in mere "traditionalism."

In this fallen world, things constantly swing like a pendulum, from being wrong in one extreme way to being wrong in another extreme. The devil never gives us the luxury of fighting on only one front, and this will always be the case.
-Francis Schaeffer

We are extremely ancient but extremely new as well. This is, in my opinion, the mystery of the Bible people. We cling to the Word which was written well over 2000 years ago so naturally, our obedience to the ancient Word makes us ancient as well. The Word, however, is also ever living, eternal life and truth. So from those who dare to live up to this Logos, "out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water" (John 7:38 b). And this living water touches each generation with fresh vigor and liveliness.

Only "ancient" women can reach other "ancient" women

We are seeking the biblical womanhood. We want to be submissive, gentle, home-oriented women. However, it does not contradict the fact that we are also soldiers of Christ who are fighting day and night for soul-winning. In fact, many of our headcovering sisters are called to witness in the fieriest mission field of today. Yes, I am talking about the Jewish and Islamic world. Have you wondered why He is using headcovering sisters for this purpose?

Having ministered to women from the Middle East, I realized that our "ancient-ness" is one of the strongest points for soul-winning. God-fearing Muslim and Jewish women tend to show friendly attitudes toward us, because they, as well as we are deeply "ancient."

(*Note; However, I'd like to say that we are not ordered to cover for the sake of soul-winning or modesty. We cover because NT clearly orders it and it is for the headship. I recommend you to read the following articles written by brother Jeremy Gardiner on this issue. "Why Headcovering is not about Modesty" (here), "Should Christian Women Wear Hijab?" (here))

Neither followers of the age nor traditionalists--, I believe that there is a divine reason why God started this recovery movement in the 21st century. As time proceeds, He shall reveal it more and more. O Lord, help all of us to enter into the narrow gate and to fight on the two front bravely. Use all of our lives to testify You and Your redemptive work on the cross. In Jesus' name. Amen.