Monday, February 15, 2016

For dark moments

You say: Night consumes my soul.
I am incapable of believing, praying, loving.
Jesus says:
Then let it be night.
This is the time when the false lights in your soul
go out and a new day is ushered in.
Purified in the night, you will be ready for Me,
the Bright Morning Star,
to rise in your life.
Take courage and walk step by step
through the night,
obedient to God and His Word.
Be faithful in your daily responsibilities;
be faithful in prayer even if you feel nothing.
Just take the next step I show you
in the darkness,
and you will come
one step closer to the light.


Irina Glazkova said...

This is so me. Yesterday I confessed someone at church about my struggling with faith. The person told me if I leave the church it means I was never saved to begin with and I will end up in hell.
I honestly asking God to take my life.

Kinuko H said...

My sweet sister Irina.

Irina, my dear.Please listen to me. The words of the person (though I don't doubt his/her sincerity)are not rooted on the Bible. Our salvation is not depended on our church membership but soly on our faith to Jesus Christ.And Irina, you are in Him right now. I left the church when I was in Japan,yeah, I literally ran away from the church one morning. But Jesus did not forsake me nor condemn me to hell. By His grace, He lifted me up again from the pit and embraced my most tenderly. And so do you, Irina. Now, I am going to publish a new post (Breaking free from the death wish)and dedicate it to you.
p.s. Sanae is always praying for you.
Much love and compassion from Kinuko

Anonymous said...

Dear Irina,belonging to church is not solution.What saves us is not church,but Jesus Christ.What we have to cling is Him,not our church.

I do not understand why the person said like that.Maybe he/she just wanted to prevent you from leaving.

Please be true first to God.I also do not understand why many people say to you that kind of things.I've read your comment about pentecostal christians who told you that you are not real believer 'cause you do not speak in tongue.Nobody can judge other's faith true or not,it is God's field,I think.

After having faith in Jesus at the age of 20,for 3 years I had not belonged to any church.Belonging to present church is just only result of His leading to me.God had not forsaken me while not belonging to any church.He prepared persons to help me for my faith.

Sometimes I feel that how good if you can go back to Russia where there are families who loves you.You can bring back true faith to them.

People say what they want.Do not depend on uncertain persons.If they broke you,God will reward what they did.I think we never should crash those who are in trials. God see us, how we treat suffering people.

God be with you always,Irina.I pray ressurection of Jesus in your soul.I can say to you obviously,God ask me to pray for you,and your family.

Бог любит тебя.И вы дочери Бога.