Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Heart Of Reverent Worship


Fragrant grasses, greening porches,
Incense wafts among the birches,
 Departed shades have come alive
And wing towards the earthly shores.
 Again the vision of heavenly tongues
Is flaming with unfading glory,
 And fiery-chorded angelic choirs
Thunder from clear skies above.
 Hosts of saints, together with us,
Sing Trisagion to the Lord;
 Unearthly beings unearthly songs
Do sing and carry our souls beyond.
 Come let us bow down to the ground
And glorify the Triune God,
 Be hallowed by tri-shining fire,
 Ascend the mountain of the Lord.
 The Trinity now shows the world
Its fiery and sacred visage.
 The earth does blossom forth with flowers;
Of God do all tongues verily speak.
 Believe thou that our earthly prison
Is permeated to its depth
 By the Thrice-holy and Tri-shining:
Eternal Father, and Spirit, and Son.
V. Utrenev, The Holy Trinity
Translated By Natalia Sheniloff
heavenly hymns in church slavonic