Sunday, February 14, 2016

When we are unsure about our future...


I dedicate this poem to my dear sister Ruthie who has been through tough times.

Future wisely concealed
O how wise that God hath hidden
All the future from our view!
O how well that 'tis forbidden
Coming darkness to look through!
If Time's page of hurrying fleetness
Were unveiled to readers here,
Joy itself would lose its sweetness,
Sorrow would become despair.
Now if storms the ocean cover,
Hope declares a calm is near
And when discord's tones are over,
Softened music meets the ear.
If the shadows of affliction
Round us gather as we go,
Soon some heavenly benediction
Wakens peace from slumbering woe.
-John Bowring
- Exodus 3:14a
"My times are in thy hand."
-Psalm 31:15a
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