Thursday, March 10, 2016

One space, the only one space in the whole universe

This morning, Sanae and I were discussing the place where women have served in the Body of Christ over the centuries. Sanae mentioned that often times, those places and the godly women who were there, have been hidden or forgotten in the written records or history. Nonetheless, they were so precious in the eyes of God and for His Kingdom.

These remarks reminded me of the presence of our dear sisters. To me, these sisters are like pure, delicate flowers, breathing and living in the (humanly-speaking) obscure places on this earth. Sometimes, they feel that they are forgotten and deserted. They feel their daily works are not appreciated nor valued. But they are!

My dear sister, look at this cute, petit wild flower on the field. Isn't it lovely and isn't it like you? Jesus, with his Spirit-filled eyes, could see through the essence of the creation. He said; even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these [=the lilies of the field]. Matt.6:28.

Who pays attention to this little creation? If nobody cares, then, why does she blossom so beautifully? She blossoms, because she knows for whom she lives and dies. She blossoms because she wants to leave a little bit of message on this earth by her very breathing and her life, which is fully dedicated to her Creator. In the vast sphere of this universe, there is one space which nothing or nobody can fill but you.

As the lily of the valley,
White and pure and sweet,
As the lowly violet trodden
Under wandering feet;
As the rose amidst the briars
Fresh and fair is found,
Heedless of the tangled thicket,
And the thorns around—
As the sun-flower ever turning
To the mighty sun,
With the faithfulness of fealty
Following only one—
So make me, Lord, to Thee.
-J.Tauler, In the Garden of God


Anonymous said...

I know many christian ladies are serving their family,other people in hidden places less known by others.Today discussion with you about this topics made me pray for them seriously.

I've felt sometimes they should accept more gratitude from others.But now I feel God knows,and cherish them so much.

While writing my Japanese comment to you this morning,I do not know why,I shed tears.I felt something broken in my heart was healed by Him.

May God bless all our sisters who are like wild flower in the field.And thank you,Kinuko for this article.


Kinuko H said...

Sanae, your sharing (that you shed tears while writing on the comment yesterday)touched my heart to the core. I believe that that tear was of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit in you was crying for unspeakable brokenness of many women. That tear must be a symbol of His compassionate heart and His willingness to heal you, me and many women.I believe that He is going to do something, --something new--,through you and your life from now on.May His Will be done.Amen. from Kinuko

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I read your poem published on your latest Japanese article.Thank you for writing for christian ladies serving in hidden places.

I can soon remember some of their faces.They often made me feel that I never be able to be like them.

Can I ask you to traslate the poem into English for this blog for sharing,please?


Jessica R said...

Yes! I agree with that assessment! I want to tell you, Sanae, and you, Kinuko, how much I appreciate both of you, that you are part of my life. What Kinuko spoke of in this post, and what Sanae and Kinuko expressed in their comments, I can relate to. I have sometimes felt forgotten and un-appreciated, but this was a beautiful reminder that no one is forgotten by God.

Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae, good morning. Yes, there are so many devout women out there, serving the Lord in obscure and hidden places.Please pray that the Lord would give me both love and insight to show them how much I appreciate their beings and their services.
p.s. Thank you for your suggestion to translate that poem into English. I'll try:) Kinuko

Kinuko H said...

Dear Jessica, I am so grateful that this humble post was an encouragement to you. Having read your recent posts and sharing, something was "born" inside me which, however, did not know how to be expressed in words. Then, the Spirit touched Sanae strongly and through her words, that "something" finally found the way to express itself. I am trying to translate it into English and show it to you:) Kinuko

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Jessica for being there,too. I always respect your frankness. I guess that many christian ladies..especially mothers feel the same,and be encouraged by your blog.

We share what we feel with close friends.I always feel close to you when I read your comments and blog.Thank you for sharing!