Monday, March 14, 2016

Thus, would I blossom even today


I dedicate this little poem for my fellow Christian friends who are serving the Lord Jesus
 sincerely in obscure places.
People say I am of no use,
a meaningless creation.
Is that so?
A tiny little crack of the asphalt is my space.
This only is my place.
Lo, a vast universe and
an eternal stream of time and space!
And all the creations live, move and have
their being in Him.
Far transcending and yet dwelling in me,
O His Spirit!
Lord, isn't it amazing that
there is Thy universe above and within.
 And the stream of His overflowing Spirit
is waving in me.
 Thus, would I blossom even today,
tiny and little I may be.
O that through my living and dying,
will I leave a grain of His message to the world.
written by Kinuko


Anonymous said...

Thank you for translating this poem.May this poem reach to devoted christians who are working in hidden place day by day. They are like wildflowers unknown by others,I think.God bless you all abundantly.


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sanae, you're welcome! Thank you for your suggestion. I also pray that our dear Christian friends would receive consolation and encouragement from the Lord. Amen. from Kinuko

Sabine Klein said...

Thank you for this beautiful poem!

Kinuko H said...

Dear Sabine, good evening, my dear sister! Thank you for your encouraging comment. I am so grateful that He gave me inspiration to write this poem in order to encourage my fellow believers in Christ. with love, Kinuko