Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Will You Trample On A "Fumie"? ; An Evangelical Test Regarding The Homosexual Issues


fumie in Nagasaki, 17th century
A fumi-e (踏み絵 fumi "stepping-on" + e "picture") was a likeness of Jesus or Mary upon which the religious authorities of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan required suspected Christians to step on in order to prove that they were not members of the Christian church. The use of fumie began with the persecution of Christians in Nagasaki in 1629.

Government officials made everybody trample on these pictures and then people who were reluctant to step on the pictures were identified as Christians. If they refused to change their religion, then they were tortured and killed.
Christian response to homosexual issues is considered to be a fumie in the 21st century. That's because the spirit of the age and public opinion in general (both inside and outside the churches) are rapidly inclined to the approbation of the homosexual act and its legalization.

Even some of the most outstanding complementarian pastors start to evade facing the issue, and to avoid the shame and rejection of the Cross of Calvary in order to keep in step with the world. I will present one such example as follows;

It seems to me that Mr. Timothy Keller kept skirting the question in a sophisticated way. What made me grieve most, however, was its non-serious, jokey atmosphere which we can see and feel in this video. I believe that the eternal destination of each soul is so important and serious that one cannot deal with the issue in such a light, joking manner. It is indeed a life and death issue.

I was impressed by the sincere and serious attitude of Robert M'Cheyne who dealt with the hell and judgment issue passionately and earnestly.

One doctor who sincerely concerns the welfare of his dying patients never laugh nor joke with his colleagues when he is asked to explain the condition of his patients to their family members.

O Lord, help us to be earnest and serious toward our eternal destination. Give us power to be faithful to You and Your words at any cost and never to trample on a fumie. In Jesus' name. Amen.
*For those who want to dig these issues, I would recommend the following book.
Kuby chronicles the intellectual infiltration and conquest of virtually all other value-making institutions, leaving Christianity and its individual members standing virtually alone in the public square. Their message that sex is a powerful force that must be regulated and linked to the inherently sacrificial institution of marriage and family is now persecuted – and prosecuted – as homophobic.
,,Kuby, therefore, is warning against not merely the newly powerful ideology of pansexualism, but also the insidious return of totalitarianism, of the wolf clothed as a lamb, and of the tyrant masked as a defender of freedom. -quotes from here.