Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No One Can Replace You: A Beautiful Essay by Sanae


There are many things in our lives with which we have to deal or face, alone. Yes, there are certain spheres where,--though we can receive some help and care from others somewhere on the way--, ultimately we ourselves have to face alone. That might include our birth, death, life lessons, sufferings and our encounter with God!
I believe that our faith journey is an unique and matchless story between you and God, for only He will be able to keep staying with you in the place where you have to face alone.

Isn't it rather "blessing" that there still remain some walled areas in us, the areas which separate you from other people and that we cannot really understand each other perfectly, even among our closest kinfolks or faith friends? Why do I call it a blessing? That's because through this, we often come to realize that only the relationship with God would last,--and nothing else. You know, often times, we tend to forget or be insensitive to the relationship with Him, when we just feel content with the relationship with our beloved ones.

And I see the love of God, even in the face of the solemn fact that we have to stand alone. His desire for us is not to copy or imitate somebody else or to do according to some "orthodox" manual. No, He wants us to know Him! As Kayla Mueller wrote in her last letter; the thing remains until the end is our relationship with God. O that I shall keep it in my mind and heart!
-translated from Japanese by Kinuko