Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So be it; 'tis Thy plan not mine

Γενηθήτω το θέλημά σου.
  Thy will be done.  Matthew 6:10 b
=the will of God

So be it; 'tis Thy plan not mine,
And being Thine is good;
And God, my will shall yield to Thine
Ere it is understood.
So be it; I a child of dust
Will not oppose Thy way,
Move on, mysterious Will, I trust,
I love, and will obey.
So be it; and do Thou, my heart,
No childish questions ask,
Thou in God's counsels hast no part,
Crave not so hard a task.
So be it; yes, so be it, Lord,
No word have I to say--
O be Thy gracious Name adored--
I love and will obey.
-Elizabeth Prentiss
From Golden Hours, Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life


Anonymous said...

Dear Kinuko,
I have been finding that 'so be it, Lord', (not my will but thine) is a very easy thing to say, but not necessarily an easy thing to follow. There's a situation that I've been wrestling with the last few years that I finally had to take my hands off of completely. I have been trying to change my husband's mind about certain people and situations and it comes down to my will vs his. It's a very painful thing to realize that as I've been trying to improve a relationship with one side, I've actually been tearing down my relationship with my husband, that I've been the one causing the wedge. So, this has been a very eye opening and soul searching summer for me. It's like starting my walk with God and my relationship with my husband from square one. Who I thought I was in Christ has been a very different picture from the one my husband had of me. It's made me feel like a fraud and a phony, unsure of myself. So, my prayer is that I will be more like the Savior and less like my self, and that I will rest in God's wisdom, not my own. So be it, Lord, I pray.
Thankyou for this poem, Kinuko. Love, Ruthie

Kinuko H said...

Dear Ruthie, I strongly believe that it was His divine providence that you left me this comment today. That's because I have been struggling with the very same issue (*I have been trying to change my husband's mind about some issue.). Oh what a comfort you gave to me through your sharing, my dear Ruthie. I am so sure of His tender eyes upon you and your situation and that He is going to do the very best in the midst of all these complicated human relationships and situations. Oh, you are so dear to me, Ruthie! with love and thanks, Kinuko

Jessica R said...

Yes, Ruthie, I can totally relate to that! It's almost like we've been going through some to the same things!

Jessica R said...

Dear Kinuko,
What a comfort that we are all experiencing similar trials; the specific situation may not be exactly the same, but the general problem (trying to change our husband's minds about issues that are important to us) is something we can understand because we've experienced it. I feel like Ruthie, you, and I really need each other's encouragement right now, and I'm thankful (deeply so) for the opportunity to support each other!

Kinuko H said...

Dear Jessica,

Thank you so very much for your message, Jessica! For the last several days, the Lord showed me that deep inside my heart there is a hidden controlling spirit which desires to "lead" my husband to a certain direction which I want we go.

Now I am reading and introducing the following article series of April Cassidy to Japanese Christian wives in order to encourage them.

“I Wish My Husband Would Pray with Me More” – Part 1

Dear Heavenly Father, please strengthen and help my dear sister Jessica right now. If there is a storm in her heart now, do calm it with Your Word. Provide her needs in every aspect of her life and fill her with a particular heavenly joy which the world or the current situation cannot give to her. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Anonymous said...

My dear Christian sisters,
If what we are experiencing in our own lives can help and encourage, then I will continue to share my experiences. I'm humbled because I've been hesitating to share because of foolish pride. So thankful, not necessarily for the pruning process the Lord's allowing but that we're going through it together :-) I will be praying for each of us as we seek God's will. Love you, ladies! -Ruthie