Friday, September 23, 2016

A Little Maiden's Song; When She Feels She Is A Failure

Always striving, and yet always failing,
Always serving, and yet always missing the mark,
Always running, and yet always slipping and falling down.
Wishing to encourage others, and yet offending them instead.

Lord, I don't know why I am so foolish and thoughtless.
Recklessness and rashness are tailing me
wherever I go,
whatever I do.

So, the little maiden went to a forest and there she wept.
And wept herself to sleep under the oak tree.

"Wake up, my daughter," a gentle Voice whispered.
Opening her eyes, she found herself in her Father's arms.
"O Daddy", she clung to Him and poured her heart tearfully.
"Daddy, you know how much I wanna be your good daughter. 
But I can't. I just can't do that, I always fail."

"My dear daughter, remember that when you fail and slip, 
you are falling deep down in My arms." 

written by Kinuko