Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Cannot Have A Baby And I Believe In The Sovereignty Of God (My Voice Message: Christian Woman's Testimony)

Dear Sisters, here is my voice message (3 min.).  I hope this testimony would be used as a humble tool to encourage my fellow sisters who are under various trials and difficulties.


Anonymous said...

May God bring this sincere message to all those who need it,especially under trials and suffering.God bless your activity for spreading His truth and encouragement.


Kinuko H said...

Thank you so so much, Sanae, for your consistent support and encouragement. I also want to thank Jessica for her courage and faith, which has been my inspiration. I have been so blessed to have such a sweet and intimate fellowship with you, my dear sisters! Love, Kinuko

Caro said...

Oh Kinuko what a powerful testimony and what a beautiful video you made ! I didn't know you were facing this huge trial in your life, this thing is so hard for a woman heart. As you have such a precious and special walk with the Lord, I have no doubt at all that God is designing something incredible with this story. Can I add French subtitles to your youtube video ? I am going to share it with Baija and Mélanie then !
Much love from your French siser, Caro

Kinuko H said...

Dear beautiful Caro, thank you so much for your compassionate message which brought me tears. I take your message with prayerful heart.Yes, of course, you can translate it and share it with Baija, Mélanie and other French-speaking ladies.Once again, I am grateful for your friendship, my dear Caro. Lots of love from Kinuko

Jessica R said...

Dear Kinuko,
As I write this, tears are streaming down my face so that I almost can't see the computer screen. Thank you so much for this honest and extremely beautiful video! It was an inspiration to me.

Kinuko H said...

Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your kind words. You know, without your presence, without our fellowship and conversations, this youtube could not have been born. I owe to you so much, my dear friend and my precious sister in Christ. from Kinuko

Sabine Klein said...

Thank you so much for sharing! May GOD continue to bless you on your walk with HIM.
In CHRIST, Sabine (from Germany)

Irina Glazkova said...

Dear Kinuko, listening to your message, a verse from psalm came into my mind. Psalm 126 v 5-6
Those who sow with tears
will reap with songs of joy.
6 Those who go out weeping,
carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with them.


Kinuko H said...

Dear Sabine, thank you so much for your compassionate and encouraging message from Germany! Wow! I am so glad. When I was sharing the Gospel in Germany, I realized painfully that many Germans have accepted paganism (new-aged type of oriental mysticism/hinduism) and discarded the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, when I hear the message from our German believers like you, it really uplifts my soul. You are so precious, Sabine. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless all of your life journey. Amen. Kinuko

Kinuko H said...

Dear Irina,
Hello, dear. How are you? How have you been doing? Thank you so much for your comment and the verses from Psalm 126:5-6. I treasured these two verses and kept them deeply in my heart. I'd like to encourage you, my dear Irina that your present situation is also in the Sovereign Hands of God. I am looking forward to reading your next post, too! with love, Kinuko