Friday, September 23, 2016

To Be Found The Pure Bread Of Christ: Inspiring Words Of Ignatius, A 2nd Century Christian Martyr

"I am the wheat of God, and am grounded by the teeth of the wild beasts, that I may be found the pure bread of Christ."  -excerpt from The Letter to the Romans by Ignatius (AD 2nd century)

σιτος ειμι θεου και δι΄οδοντων θηριων αληθομαι, ινα καθαρος αρτος ευρεθω του Χριστου.

The Letter to the Romans by Ignatius, an early-second-century Bishop of Antioch, was written during his transport from Antioch, Syria, to his execution in Rome.

σιτος ειμι θεου (=I am the wheat of God). What a deep and insightful remark! It might be that through life's various trials, sufferings and His chastening, each grain of ours is grounded,,painfully. "No chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous." (Heb 12:11a) However, "afterwards, it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them." (11b), that we may be found the pure bread of Christ (καθαρος αρτος του Χριστου).

"Only request in my behalf both inward and outward strength, that I may not only speak, but truly will, so that I may not merely be called a Christian, but really found to be one." by Ignatius

"It is good to set from the world unto God, that I may rise again to Him!" by Ignatius.

O Lord, help each one of us to set from the world unto Thee. Give us patience when we are suffering various trials so that one day, like Ignatius, we may be found the pure bread of Christ as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1). In Jesus' name. Amen.


Anonymous said...

When I read these words on your Japanese blog,I soon remembered our dear Irina in trials.

May we those who believe in God,especially our brethren under trials for His sake be found the pure bread of Christ.All I can do is not to forget them and pray for them.
Thank you Kinuko for sharing always.I appriciate you for this article so much.


Kinuko H said...

Amen! Dear Sanae, thank you for your suggestion and your encouragement as always. I was thinking of Irina last night, too. Now I'd like to paste the beautiful hymn sung by Divna Ljubojevic, singing the Blagosloven jesi Gospode ( Blessed be the Lord ) (Angelskij sobor). As for the last stanza (adoration to Virgin Mary), we evangelical Christians find it difficult to accord, but the rest of the stanzas are, I believe, in full harmony and the content is full of comfort, spiritual depths and encouragement for those who are suffering and mourning. I'd like to dedicate this beautiful church-slavonic old hymn to Irina and other dear sisters who are under trials.


Blagosloven jesi Gospodi, nauči mja opravdaniem Tvoim. Angelskij sobor udivilsja, zrja Tebe v mertvih vmenivšasja, smertnuju že, Spase, krepost razorivša, i s soboju Adama vozdvigša, i ot ada vsja svoboždša.

-Blagosloven jesi Gospodi, nauči mja opravdaniem Tvoim. Počto mira s milostivnimi slezami, o ucenici, rastvorjaete. listajajsja vo grobje Angel mironosicam vješčaše: vidite vi grob i urazumjejte, Spas bo voskrese ot groba.

-Blagosloven jesi Gospodi, nauči mja opravdaniem Tvoim. Zjelo rano mironosici tečahu ko grobu Tvoemu ridajuščija, no predsta k nim Angel i reče: ridanija vremja presta, ne plačite, voskresenie že apostolom rcite.

-Blagosloven jesi Gospodi, nauči mja opravdaniem Tvoim. Mironosici ženi, s miri prišedšija ko grobu Tvoemu, Spase ridahu, Angel že k njim reče, glagolja:čto s mertvimi živago pomišljaete; jako Bog bo voskrese ot groba.

-Slava Ocu i Sinu i svjatomu Duhu. Poklonimsja Ocu, i Jego Sinovi, i Svjatomu Duhu, Svjatjei Troicje vo jedinom suščestvje, s serafimi zovušče: svjat, svjat, svjat jesi, Gospodi. -I ninje i prisno i vo vjeki vjekov, amin. Žiznodavca roždši, grjeha, Devo, Adama izbavila jesi, radost že Evje v pečali mesto podala jesi;

padšija že ot žizni k sej napravi, iz Tebe voplotivijsja Bog i čelovjek.

-Allilujia, allilujia, allilujia, slava Tebje, Bože. 3x

Kinuko H said...

[English Translation]

Blessed art thou O Lord teach me thy statutes. Wherefore, O women Disciples, do ye mingle sweet smelling spices with your tears of pity.? The radiant Angel within the sepulchre cried unto the Myrrh-bearing Women: Behold the grave and understand: for the Saviour is risen from the tomb. Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me thy statutes.

Very early in the morning did the Myrrh -bearing Women run lamenting unto thy tomb; but an Angel came toward them saying; The time for lamentation is passed; weep not:but announce unto the Apostles the Resurrection.

Blessed art thou O Lord: teach me thy statutes. The Myrrh bearing Women mourned as bearing unguents they drew near thy tomb, O Saviour. But an Angel spake to them saying. Why number ye the living among the dead? In that he is God he is risen from the grave. Glory the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. We adore the Father as also his Son, and the Holy Spirit, the holy trinity in One Essense; crying with the Seraphim: Holy holy holy art thou, O Lord.

Both now and ever and unto ages of ages, Amen. In that thou didst bear the giver of life O Virgin thou didst redeem Adam from sin, and didst give to Eve joy in place of sadness: and He who was incarnate of thee, both God and man, hath restored to life those who had fallen there from. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Glory to thee, O God. Alleluia, Alleluia.Alleluia Glory to thee O God.

[Russian Translation]

Ангелскиј собор удивилсја, зрја Тебе в мертвих вменившасја, смертнују же, Спасе, крепост разоривша, и с собоју Адама воздвигша, и от ада всја свобождша.
-Благословен јеси Господи, научи мја оправданием Твоим.
Почто мира с милостивними слезами, о уценици, растворјаете.
Блистајајсја во гробје Ангел мироносицам вјешчаше: видите ви гроб и уразумјејте,
Спас бо воскресе от гроба.
-Благословен јеси Господи, научи мја оправданием Твоим.
Зјело рано мироносици течаху ко гробу Твоему ридајушчија,
но предста к ним Ангел и рече: риданија времја преста,
не плачите, воскресение же апостолом рците.
-Благословен јеси Господи, научи мја оправданием Твоим.
Мироносици жени, с мири пришедшија ко гробу Твоему,
Спасе ридаху, Ангел же к њим рече, глагоља: что с мертвими живаго помишљаете; јако Бог бо воскресе от гроба.
-Слава Оцу и Сину и свјатому Духу. Поклонимсја Оцу, и Јего Синови, и Свјатому Духу, Свјатјеи Троицје во једином сушчествје, с серафими зовушче: свјат, свјат, свјат јеси, Господи.
-И ниње и присно и во вјеки вјеков, амин.
Жизнодавца рождши, грјеха, Дево, Адама избавила јеси, радост же Евје в печали место подала јеси; падшија же от жизни к сеј направи, из Тебе воплотивијсја Бог и человјек.
-Аллилујиа, аллилујиа, аллилујиа, слава Тебје, Боже. 3x