Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heavenly Contemplation

O traveling bird!
O fragile and solitary soul!

Why searchest thy dwelling place here on this earth?

Lift up thy weary eyes and
Behold the everlasting City of God.

O soul, hold thy pilgrim's staff and
Keep marching on Zion!

written by Kinuko


Anonymous said...

Welcome back,Kinuko. May God bless your mission and your days always wherever you are.Thanks for many sharing.
Please take care and say hello to our brethren in Greece!


Kinuko H said...

Thank you, Sanae! While I was away, I could have meaningful fellowship with many Christians in Japanese and hear their stories. Now I came to be more aware that as you have shared with me, living as a Christian in the Japanese cultural climate is indeed challenging! I respect you and all of my fellow Christians who are worshiping Him under this cultural/spiritual condition.