Friday, April 28, 2017

Hush, O hush, the moon's alight

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Hush, O hush, the moon's alight, 
Pale the stars, and few and faint;
Lilies red and lilies white
Stand each like a haloed saint.

See the shadowy, dreamy trees
Bathe in pools of silver air;
Hear the whisper of the breeze
Murmur softly like a prayer.

Hush, o hush, 'tis holy ground,
Moon-washed, clean as driven snow, 
Meet for Him the moonbeams crowned
In a garden long ago. 

Moonbeams, crown Him once again;
Lilies, ring your sanctus bell:
King of Love and King of Pain, 
Thou art here--Immanuel. 

--Amy Carmichael

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