Friday, November 24, 2017

At Evening Time It Shall Be Light!

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Providences may even seem to be getting darker- merging like declining day into the shadows of twilight. But, contrary to nature, and to the Christian's expectations, "At evening time it shall be light!" The gathering cloud will then be seen to be fraught only with blessings, which will burst on the believer's head. My soul, be still, and know that He is God! "Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him." The mysterious "why" you have so long been waiting for, will soon be revealed. The long night-watch will soon terminate in the looked-for, longed-for morning.

"My God! my Father! while I stray
Far from my home on life's rough way,
Oh teach me from my heart to say,
Your will be done!
Then when on earth I breathe no more
The prayer often mixed with tears before.
I'll sing, when on a happier shore,

Your will be done!" 

by John MacDuff, The Providence of God