Sunday, May 13, 2018

"Lord, Have Mercy." [Prayer and Lamentation]

Christ's prayer on Oelber, 1468 - Carlo Crivelli
Christ's Prayer (source)


Lord, I mourn about my sinning
That caused You, Lord, such pain.
It brought You grievous suff'ring;
I sinned and sinned again.
I'm only just beginning
My depths of sin to see,
And thank You for forgiving
A sinner such as me. 

Of all the prayers that I know,
All prayers sung or read aloud –
One prayer breathes with brilliant strength,
The wondrous prayer “Lord have mercy”!

A single plea it does contain –
I ask the All-compassionate God
To save me with His awesome might,
And so I call out: “Lord have mercy”!

I sail the turbulent sea of life,
I meet with joy and poignant sorrow.
What power saves me from the storms?
The wondrous prayer “Lord have mercy”!

When tears of deep despair I weep,
And dreams of passion overwhelm me –
Then with especial strength of heart
I keep on crying: “Lord have mercy”!

And as you end your life on earth,
My soul, continue with this prayer
Beyond the grave, keep up your plea
Of hope eternal: “Lord have mercy”!

Translated from Russian by Natalia Sheniloff (source)

Zarzma monastery Friars -  God Forgive Us (in Georgian)